Halloween Decorations with Unique Funko Characters

Halloween decorations with unique funko characters

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Not just because my birthday is also in October, but I’ve always had a penchant for horror and spooky stuff.

POP! figures, or these unique Funko toys, add character and personality to your Halloween decorations. BAM! has a great collection of exclusive ones that are perfect for the advent of spooky season. I hid our Michael Myers Funko! on the corner of our kitchen cabinets –

Michael Myers Funko! Halloween decoration

Because who isn’t looking for a littler serial killer vibe from The Shape for spooky season?

And here’s a little discount for you to use, too!

Halloween decorations with unique funko characters
BAM Exclusive Funko: Cthulhu POP!

Call up the old gods and the new with Cthulu emerging from the sea.

Edgar Allan Poe Funko! Halloween Decoration
NYCC Funko Exclusive Alert:Edgar Allan Poe with Book Funko POP!

“Once upon a midnight dreary…”

2001: A Space Odyssey Funko Halloween Decoration
NYCC Funko Exclusive Alert: 2001 Space Odyssey Dr. Poole Funko POP!

Is 2001: A Space Odyssey technically horror? Maybe not, but it definitely counts as unsettling.

Bram Stoker Funko! Halloween decoration
BAM Funko: Bram Stoker & Dracula!

I’m surprised at how modern Bram looks here, like he would not look out of place at my local coffee shop.

Ouija plancette Funko Halloween decoration
Your friendly Funko Ouija Planchette

The friendliest little planchette with the potential to unleash horror that you ever did see!

How are you going to decorate for Halloween this year?